Crossing the Desert is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Iskandaria.


A pedestrian route through Antlion Hill desert needs to be found but only experienced adventurers can make their way through the trecherous sandstorms. Find a route to the southeast point of Antlion Hill.

Head east from the start point to Antlion Hill desert. Simply keep heading in a southeast direction until you exit the desert and complete the quest.

Occasionally, sandstorms will appear and obscure your travel route. Head east, south or southeast to try to avoid the sandstorm. If the storm builds up (you stay in it for 3 turns) you will be attacked by a Desert Boar (Beast monster). When the storm calms continue to head southeast to the exit.

Number of turns: 80


The Antlion Hill desert consists of 3 parts. The Western starting point is a small linear path that goes east towards the desert. The Antlion Hill desert itself is a single map square with 8 possible travel directions. Going in any direction will result in travelling to an infinite number of single map squares each with 8 travel directions. The final area of the desert is another small linear path, accessible on this quest only.

The desert requires the use of the Road Guide skill to explore and has a high percentage of Fire elements during battle.

The Antlion Hill desert area is also used for the Desert Mirage quest.


  • Wildlings
  • Birds
  • Beasts
  • Undead
  • Slime
  • Demon
  • Beasts (sandstorm fight)

Notable Items



  • The desert is a good place to build up a Fire Magic Tablet.

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