Coppelia(コッペリア) is a character from Romancing SaGa 2 she is an android created by Hiraga of Somon. She is well mannered and loyal as she is willing to sacrifice herself for The Final Emperor/Empress if they are to run out of LP during battle.

As a Unique Character

Coppelia is very different from others one being she has the highest possible LP in any Romancing Saga game having 99 and she cannot equip any armor but she can equip shields and rings. The other thing about her is during battle she cannot be controlled by the player instead she auto fights and only uses the weapon that is in her first equipment slot so its best to choose what weapon you want on her and give her some techs that go with it she will never spark any new techs as she is a type 07 and she can only be recruited once so its best to save her for end game as she is really powerful having 20 in all stats and being immune to almost all status problems be it poison,charm etc. she also comes with the unique Prima Tutu but it cannot be taken off it gives 25 defense and protects against all types of physical attacks easily making it the best shirt type armor in the whole game as no other gives 25 defense. Also to note she will never use magic so giving her any magic would be pointless though she has sprites in the game that show her in a casting pose before taking a turn.


Name Coppelia
Gender F
Race mechanical doll
Spark Type TYPE07 (Stagnant)
LP 99
STR 20
DEX 20
MAG 15
SPD 20
CON 20
Spell Power ?
Slash 15
Pierce 15
Bludgeon 15
Arrow 15
Martial Arts 15
Fire 0
Water 0
Wind 0
Earth 0
Light 0
Dark 0
WP 105
JP 0

Imperial SaGa

She assists in almost all sidequests, even helping Jamil and Dowd to steal treasures from the Lablanc Plains.She is an level 2(Bow), and two level 5 characters, being one exclusive in the Byunei part of the Four Noble Demons event, that can learn Dans de Eclair by fighting event Byunei, which she dances around the battlefield while lightning damages the enemy with each step of the dance.


Romancing Saga 2 Coppelia`s Sacrifice05:54

Romancing Saga 2 Coppelia`s Sacrifice

An example of Coppelia giving some of her LP to the main charcater after loss of all LP.



  • The character Snowman in Romancing SaGa 3 does a similar sacrifice action to Coppelia to save his comrades in the battle with Aunas
  • Despite having an animation for magic attacks in the games coding Coppelia is never seen using it as she never uses magic in the game, unless you make her the empress.
  • It is possible through a glitch to make Coppelia the empress making it the only way possible for players to control her.

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