Coliseum Ruins is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Solophero.


It is said that 3 ghostly figures still exchange blows in the recently discovered underground Coliseum. There is no keyhole on the sturdy locked doors into the Coliseum so no-one can be sure what is really down there. Your job is to locate 3 special switches, unlock the Coliseum and reach it's depths to uncover it's secret.

Start by heading east to the dead end. Examine the barrel to find a Vegeplast inside choking on something. Examine the Vegeplast to activate the 1st switch. Proceed to the southwest corner, opposite the Coliseum doors, to find another barrel containing a switch. From here continue northeast to the final switch, opening the Coliseum door.

Enter the Coliseum to meet the 3 fighters, and get attacked by them. Defeat the 3 Minotons (Wildlings monster) in the Arena, and proceed through the Coliseum to the dead-end, thus completing the quest.

Number of turns: 120


The Coliseum Ruins is a fairly small, semi-circular map with the locked Coliseum in the middle. While the 3 barrels mentioned above contain the switches required to open the Coliseum door there are other barrels scattered around the ruins. Examining these will force the Bartendum Vegeplast into a fight with you. In the southeast corner is locked door (requires the Locksmith skill) and treasure chest.

In another locked door just before the Coliseum Arena's dead-end is a Magic Tablet. General exploration in the Ruins requires the use of the Architect skill.


  • Wildlings
  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Vegeplasts (optional barrel fight)
  • Wildlings (boss)

Notable Items

  • Magic Tablet - Found in a locked room just before the end of the quest


  • The Coliseum Ruins is where you find and recruit Roy during Judy's main quest.

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