Cemetery is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Longshank.


Investigate the cemetery where the mysterious Groundskeeper scares off all the visitors. The object of this short quest is to find a hidden key in one of the gravestones that will unlock the Groundskeeper's shed and expose him for what he is. Head north into the graveyard and when you come across a grave, examine it to initiate a Reel System check. Successfully passing the check will result in finding an item or fighting the Undead, while failing the check will always result in being attacked by a group of the Undead. If you search the correct gravestone you will find the Groundskeeper's Key, which is located in the southern part of the furthest north area of the graveyard.

  • If you fail to successfully examine any Gravestone 3 times it will disappear forever. If you fail to get the key in 3 attempts you will not be able to fully complete the quest. If this happens, the quest will simply end when you exit the graveyard within the turn limit. You will not have access to the treasure, or the boss fight and will likely end up with lower level Panels upon completion.

Once you have the key, return to the starting area and enter the Groundskeeper's Shed, where it is revealed he is a necromancer and engages you in a fight. Defeat the Necromancer Groundskeeper and his 4 Skeletons (Undead monster) to gain access to his shed and 3 treasure chests. Once you have emptied the chests of treasure exit the graveyard to complete the quest

Number of turns: 80


The Cemetery is a small, interconnected map with 3 main areas of graves, north of the starting position and Groundskeeper's Shed. There are a total of 12 searchable graves; 3 in the lower area, 6 in the middle area, and 3 in the furthest north area (containing the Groundskeeper's Key). Access to each area is gained by simply heading north/south from another.

The Cemetery has a large percentage of both Water and Forbidden elements, and requires the Road Guide skill for exploration.


  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Undead (gravestone fight)
  • Undead (boss)

Notable Items

  • 3 Treasure Chests - Located in the Groundskeeper's Shed.
  • Magic Tablet - Often dropped by the Necromancer or found in one of his chests.


  • The Cemetery is a good place to build up a Forbidden Magic Tablet.
  • This side-quest is also the only quest in the game that can technically be 'failed'.

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