A complete list of all the town & city locations in Unlimited Saga. The various towns, cities and outland villages are used to accept quests, purchase and sell items, pick up information, sort equipment, visit the Blacksmith (if available) or take on a Carrier Mission (during Ventus' scenario only).

Not all locations are accessible by every character. Those that are accessible will only become available at certain points in the story (with the exception of Ventus). Below is a quick guide to who can go where:

Location Armic Judy Kurt Laura Mythe Ruby Ventus
Chapa O X O O X O O
Escata O O O O O O O
Gadeira O O O X O X O
Iskandaria O X O O O O O
Kimbali O X O X X O O
Loch Vaan O X O X O O O
Longshank O O O O O X O
Nivacolina X X O O O X O
Sadovos O O O O O X O
Serin O O O X O X O
Solophero O O O X O O O
Torle X X O X X O O
Vaftom O O O O O O O
Wanda O O O O O O O
Zomar O O O O O O O

* Kurt can only visit every location by completing more than 20 adventures, whilst not defeating Agares in the Cursed Gauntlet.

* Ventus can only visit every location by accepting a Carrier Quest that either finishes there, or passes through there to another location.

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