Lord Cantal is a non-playable character in SaGa Frontier 2. Cantal is the Marquis of Otto and married Gustave's sister Marie. This results in him also becoming the father of both Primiera and Nicolette. When Gustave ascends to the throne of Finney, Cantal defects his powers and estate to the rule of Gustave. As a good-will gesture, or in respect to his sister's husband, Gustave allows Cantal to continue reigning over his estates.

Following Gustave's death Cantal is accused of playing some part in the late King's demise. Furious at these outrageous comments, Cantal marches his 5000 strong army against Hahn Nova, detouring along the way to rally additional support. When the army finally approaches the city they see it has been overrun by monsters and bandits. Cantal watches the events unfold from a hilltop far away and decides to leaves Hahn Nova to it's own demise; feeling that it should perish just as Gustave did.

He dies at the age of 59, having finally taken the territory of Merchmin from Kelvin after a long struggle. In the wake of Cantal's death his empire is split up amongst so many heirs that it loses all it's former power and significance.


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