Bottom of the Dry Well is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, accessible from Loch Vaan.


The object of this quest is to find out what happened to a famous wizard who came to investigate the water in the well. This is achieved by searching the skeletal remains in a room on the far left of the map screen, behind a locked door. You must have access to the Locksmith skill, either through a character's Growth Panel or from a Rusty Key (if you have done the side-quest "The Three Keys" in Gadeira). Once this is done you need to return to the ladder leading out of the well to complete the quest.

Number of turns: 40


The bottom of the well is a small, largely circular, place. It contains 2 Swimming locations, an Obstacle Crossing and 1 Locked door. The Cave Guide skill is needed for this location.

Battle conditions consist of water and cave related elements.


  • Aquans
  • Insects
  • Slime
  • Undead
  • Vegeplasts

Notable Items

  • Undine's Choker - A unique stone accessory with Water Arts. Located in the Dried Water Source area north of the entrance (requires Cave Guide or a Familiar to find the item)
  • Magic Tablet - Located in the top left of the map (requires Swimming to reach the item)


  • Examining the skeletal remians a second time will reveal a diary containing information about the Undine's Choker, regardless of whether you find it or not.

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