Bokuohn (ボクオーン) is a character from Romancing SaGa 2. He is one of The Seven Heroes and has the largest following out of the heroes of both human and monster,he owns a land ship in the steppe and also has the Nomad`s in the nearby village trapped in. Bokuohn has many slaves on his ship his signature move is Marionette whic grants him control over all party members who have not acted yet.

In Battle

Bokuohn is not very strong and is in fact one of the weakest heroes. In his first form he uses many mace techs like Bone crush and Crown Split his most deadly attacks are his Marionette and Fall Flat which has the chance to instantly down a party member use of Air Screen or Water Dance to lower his attacks to 0. In his second form he is much more of a threat especially if you took the slaver route to fight him he uses many big sword techs like Water Bird Cut and more he also uses Trample which can do crippling damage to a single target when his HP is at half or below he will begin to use Marionette more making him even more deadly as if one of your party members has magic like Galaxy and they get caught count it as over. Reviver,Sword Barrier,Vajra Shield work great for this fight.



Romancing Saga 2 Battle With Bokuon 1st Form04:57

Romancing Saga 2 Battle With Bokuon 1st Form

An example of a battle with Bokuohn in his first form.



An example of a battle with Bokuohn in his second form.

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