Japanese name ブルー
Romaji Buruu
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Home Region Magic Kingdom
SaGa Frontier Character

Blue is one of the main characters in SaGa Frontier.


"Born a Twin with an affinity for magic, Blue is able to access powerful spells. However, these powers have been divided between himself and his twin brother, and therefore Blue can currently reach only half of his full potential. According to the customs of this land, Blue must confront and destroy his twin brother in order to attain his true strength."

Blue's Quest

After graduating from the Magic Academy in the Magic Kingdom, Blue uses the RegionMap to travel to Devin and Luminous to start the Rune/Arcane and Light/Shadow Quests. After obtaining two gifts, he will either go after Space Magic or Time Magic. To get Space Magic, Princess Rei teleports him from Devin to Kyrin Paradise, where he must go through a maze. To get Time Magic, the Ring Lord Virgil teleports him to the TimeLord's Region

In any event, to obtain these gifts, he either defeats Kylin or TimeLord in combat.

After getting these gifts, he confronts Rouge in a magic duel. The winner travels to the Magic Kingdom and sees it in ruins. Traveling through the ruins, he learns that he was divided into Blue and Rouge in order to master all of the schools of magic. The seal to Hell was broken, and he travels there to defeat Hell's Lord.

Other Quests

Red meets Blue on the Cygnus as it is being hijacked by Nomad and her pirates. He and Fuse invite him to join, but Blue refuses because he does not like Red's name.


  • Blue is one of two characters that have the gift for Realm Magic
  • Blue does not join any other quest.
  • If Blue loses the duel, then the player plays the rest of the quest as Rouge.
  • Blue is considered a villain protagonist, judging from his interactions with people and how selfish he is (such as ignoring the people being threatened by Nomad when in Tanzer, ditching Fei-On in Tanzer once acquiring the Rune, and killing Kylin to get the gift for space magic at the expense of destroying a safe haven for lost children).
  • Blue ditches Red because of his name, who is the english equivalent of Rouge.