The Blade of Escata, featured in Unlimited Saga, is the ceremonial weapon of the Escata Royal Family. It has the ability to unleash a power greater than The Seven Wonders, the power of Chaos. The blade requires five Elemental Gears (which hold the power of the five spirits of the elements) and a member of the royal bloodline of Escata in order to be used.

The blade was originally a gift from Iskandar given to King Foulant of Escata long before the events of the game. Foulant entrusted the Elemental Gears to five different groups so that the power of the blade could not be misused. He gave the Ring of Jupiter to the Lilean race, the Crown of Ares to Humans in the House of Galeos, the Chest of Behemoth to the Petran tribe, the Gloves of Venus to the Anubito people, and the Boots of Vayu to the Chapa tribe. The knowledge that it contains the power of Chaos is lost to all but Basil Galeos of the House of Galeos by the beginning of the game.

The blade is passed down to each heir to the throne of Escata. At the start of the game, the blade is in the possession of Prince Henri of Escata.

In desire to wield its power, Basil Galeos and Dagul Bos devise a plan to take the blade and the Elemental Gears. Dagul Bos steals the Gloves of Venus from his own people, then attacks and destroys Escata Palace in search of the blade. Henri manages to escape with the blade, the only remaining survivor of the bloodline.

Basil sends assassins after Henri to retrieve the blade, but fails because Laura protects Henri. Basil changes his plan to manipulate Henri into collecting the gears and leaving them in his care by convincing him it is for the protection of the blade.

Basil retrieves the blade and four of the gears from Henri while Henri seeks to retrieve the Gloves of Venus from Dagul Bos. If the player defeats Dagul Bos, Galeos will take the final gear from Henri. If the player falls to Dagul Bos, Dagul Bos will betray Basil and take the blade and gears from him.

Whichever villain ends up with the blade will head to Nakle Lines and use its power to summon Chaos. Henri defeats chaos with help of Laura and retrieves the blade, returning to Escata to take the throne.

Elemental Gears

Element Gear Name Guardian Location Dungeon
Fire Crown of Ares Basil Galeos Escata* Galeos' Castle*
Earth Chestplate of Behemoth Anzan Iskandaria The Cavern of Murals
Wood Ring of Jupiter Platyphyllum Serin Jade Forest
Metal Gloves of Venus Musol Yanii Vaftom Danger in the Mines
Water Boots of Vayu Armic Loch Vaan Regal Lion's Treasure

* Basil Galeos' Castle appears as a separate area just outside Escata, and is only present in Laura's scenario.

There are 5 Elemental Gears that manifest as pieces of armour, made of the material Altmana. Each time you acquire one of the Gears the power of the Blade will increase. The Elemental Gears can be equipped on anyone in the party (not just Henri) and are great pieces of armour, often with special abilities and traits.

In order to obtain the Elemental Gears you have to complete a certain dungeon and defeat the enemy guarding it. As you start each quest you will be joined by that Gears' Guardian who will permanently join your party (with the exception of Basil Galeos who simply gives you the Gear and leaves) The dungeon you choose to tackle last will not have a Gear in it. Instead, the Gear will be in the possession of Dagul Bos.

You will lose all the Gears you have collected near the end of Laura's story after Henri chooses to give the Gears and the Blade of Escata to Basil for safekeeping; triggering the adventure "Decisive Battle at Dagul Bos' Castle." (Of course, the player can do as many sidequests as they want with the Gears in hand before giving them to Galeos)

If the player manages to actually defeat Bos at the end of the aforementioned quest, they will get to keep the Gear he had in his posession; though the others Gears and the Blade will be lost for good.

In Armic's scenario, recruiting Henri will net you the Blade only, as the Elemental Gears are not a part of Armic's storyline.

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