In SaGa Frontier, the Bio Research Lab is a lab in Shrike where scientists research various lifeforms. They did this to give themselves the power to transform into powerful monsters. Speaking with anyone in the lab causes an encounter with monsters who are always two or three ranks stronger than what the party is able to handle at their current parameters. However, due to the SaGa series' high risk, high reward learning system, the Bio Research Lab is essentially the best dungeon in the game to grind for stat boosts and learning techniques/spells in rapid succession. 

The party can recruit Cotton if they rescue him from some scientists. This applies to any main character. If any IRPO agents are accompanying the party at the time (Fuse or Doll), they will converse with Cotton after rescuing him, meaning Cotton himself is an agent for the police organization. According to Fuse and Doll, he was apparently on a mission for IRPO pursuing bandits, but was ultimately captured. 

The Bio Research Lab also provides the player with a chance to challenge one of SaGa Frontier's two most powerful optional bosses, the Earth Dragon, who resides in the lab's innermost depths. Should the party emerge victorious, they will acquire the strongest shield in the game.  


  • Dragon Shield


  • This dungeon was meant to have a greater role in Asellus's quest. She and Princess White Rose would have visited to find out more about her transformation into a half-mystic. They would have been captured, and later escaped.

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