The Barracks is an building in Imperial SaGa.It allows players to get 1-5 star characters.

Below, are the  buildings in the Barracks:

  • Colloseum: Players mostly get 1-2 Star characters, but there's a chance that appears an 3 Star character.3 characters face each other, the one who survives is the character you get by paying 100 Fame.By paying 200-1000, Fame, 4-20 characters face each other.You get the ones that survive.
  • Race:By paying 360 Crowns or an Free Ticket, three 3-5 star characters  attempt an race full of obstacles.You get the character who has reached the finish first.By paying 3600 Crowns, 50 characters attempt the race, you get the 10 who reach the finish.


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