Aurefont is a location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Aurefont map

Aurefont map

Nestled in the Bafal Empire, Aurefont sits atop a host of wealthy gold mines and is home to the Imperial Depository.

To unlock Aurefont one has to:



General Stores

Draconian Merchants


  • Raid on the Depository: Defeat the monsters attacking the Depository, they will have run off with the gold afterwards. Then go to Melvir Sewers immediately afterwards and fight the thieves, then go through the door they are in front of. If this quest is running at the same time as the quest: A Suspicious Demise, there is a chance you may fail one of them.
  • The Mine Assaulted: Defeat the monsters plaguing the mines. There are 10 of them at various locations. This is perhaps the best quest to get money in the game as Gold Dragons drop Pure Gold every time you defeat them. Do not rescue any miners if you are farming Pure Gold (Around 1,000 Gold or so each) as it will reduce the total reward. (Amount of Miners saved increases the reward at the end of the quest)

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