The Arcane Quest is a quest in SaGa Frontier to obtain the gift for Arcane Magic. The quest starts in Devin, where the player must obtain the four cards from the Arcane Magic Shop.

Grail Card

To get the Grail Card, the player must drink liquor from all of the breweries in Yorkland. The player must then go through the swamp filled with powerful enemies to reach the Liquor Shrine. While doing so, the player will occasionally stumble in a random direction, and if engaged in battle, the Drunk attack will place random status ailments on all human, mystic, and monster party members.

Upon reaching the Liquor Shrine, the player gets the Grail Card and the drunk status is cured.

Gold Card

To get the Gold Card, the player must travel to Baccarat. In the Gnome Casino, the player must talk to Emelia, who is dressed in as bunny outfit. They see a Gnome, and the player must follow him to the elevator in the bar. The player must then travel down a few floors and use an elevator to get to the parking lot. Inside the parking lot, the manhole leading to the Gnome Cave is open.

The gnomes in the chamber require four Gold Ingots to get the Gold Card. Gold Ingots can be purchased in Koorong and Nelson.

In Emelia's quest, the manhole is open after she completes the Baccarat mission.

Saber Card

The player must go to Koorong and speak to a skeleton. The player asks who the swordsman from Wakatu is, and the skeleton replies that the swordsman is Gen, who is usually drunk in a pub in Scrap. The player must go to Scrap and recruit Gen. The player then travels to Wakatu via Koorong.

Gen guides the player through Wakatu Castle. In the castle's saber chamber, three random images appear, and the player presses circile to stop. If the images land on three bunnies, nothing happens. If the images land on three swords, the player gets the Saber Card. If the player gets any other combo, a battle starts.

A clink of a sword is heard. Pressing circle at the moment the clink is heard guarantees that three swords appear and the receipt of the Saber Card.

In Riki's and T260G's quests, Gen is recruited through storyline events, so either of them can travel to Wakatu upon reaching Koorong.

Shield Card

To get the Shield Card, the player must travel to IRPO HQ from Koorong and speak to the receptionist. Fuse briefs the party on a mission to Mosperiburg to retrieve a flower. Fuse joins the party temporarily.

Traveling up the mountain, the player must reach the summit. Upon getting the flower, a fight with Suzaku begins. If the player loses the fight, the game does not end, but they end up back in IRPO HQ without the Shield Card, and Fuse leaves the party. If the player defeats Suzaku, then Fuse gives the player the Shield Card and joins the party for good.

(It is only during this mission that Suzaku can be recruited.)

In Red's quest, the Mosperiburg mission does not need to be completed to get the Shield Card, if Fuse joined Red in Manhattan. However, Red will not be able to recruit Suzaku.

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