SaGa Frontier Annie


Annie (アニー) is a human female from SaGa Frontier. She works at Roufas's Restaurant in Koorong and is an agent of Gradius. While the rest of the team has personal or more compelling reasons to undertake missions, Annie is in it for the money. Specifically, during Emelia's story, following the trio's escape from Despair, she tells her newfound friend that she needs quick money to send away. Annie has a little brother and sister who are both in foster homes and the money goes to them. This makes her the most pragmatic member of Gradius and someone Emelia can connect to easily. 

Emelia's Quest

Annie and Liza help Emelia escape from Despair and recruit her into Gradius. She assists Emelia on several missions.

Red's Quest

Annie has dinner with Red and accompanies him to Shuzer's Base in Koorong for the battle with Shuzer.

Riki's Quest

Riki can recruit Annie as a guide to Despair to recover the Hermit Ring.

Other Quests

Annie offers to guide the character to the Freedom Rune in Despair if they had started the Rune Quest and either are Blue or have already one rune.


  • Annie can only get the gift for Rune Magic in Emelia's and Blue's quests.