Aisha RS1
Status Portrait AishaPt
Japanese name アイシャ
Romaji Aisha
Voice actor(s)
Yumiko Kobayashi
Voice actor(s)
Carrie Savage
Gender Female
Height 148 cm
Weight 37 kg
Birthplace Steppes of Galessa
Starting Class Herbalist
Location(s) South Estamir, Tarmitta, Weston
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Aisha is one of the main protagonists in Romancing SaGa and its remake, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.


  • Aisha's Scenario: Main Character
  • Other Scenarios: Playable Character, can be found in pubs in South Estamir, Tarmitta or Weston. It is also possible to recruit her during the "Wuhan's Secret" quest, and it remains the only way to do so before Event Rank 5.

Note: Recruiting Aisha unlocks the Steppes of Galessa. The easiest way to recruit Aisha would be during Wuhan's Secret. After the quest, recruiting her is difficult unless one recruits Barbara.

Initial Attributes

HP 45 LP 10

Default Equipment

Weapon Hand Axe Shield --
Head -- Chest Fur Vest
Hands Leather Gloves Legs Leather Boots
Neck -- Ring --

Character Specific Quests

Background and Story

Aisha is a young nomad girl from The Taralian Tribe, Aisha lives in a small village in the Steppes of Galessa with her people. However while out exploring the plains on horseback an unusual series of events occur, including an encounter with a prince, a kidnapping and the history of her tribe.

All of Aisha's unique cutscenes: Part 1, Part 2.


When recruited early on or chosen as the main character, Aisha will have exteremely low stats in all areas, most notably Strength. However, should the player invest in her, they will find her Dexterity, Magic, and Compassion growth to be exceptional at the cost of very low HP and Endurance. As such, Aisha is best suited to either the back or middle rows.

Her low defenses make her the hardest character to start as, as she will be alone, barely able to defend herself no less, for the majority of her introduction.

In Imperial SaGa

Her magic choices are Earth and Wind.

Rank HP Attack Defense Agility Starting Art Weapon Choice Note Get on
General 235 19 19 22 Bow
General 264 25 16 28 Martial Geisha. Can't use magic.
Emperor 410 29 29 32 Club
Emperor 435 37 22 41 Cross Slash Sword Geisha. Can't use magic.

General level Aisha temporarily joins in the Flame Tyrant tutorial mission. Her stats aren't great and they don't grow too often. She is almost an identical copy of Monica in terms of proficiencies, meaning that both are good as mages. Her Geisha counterpart begins strong, but can't use any magic. It's best to use Aisha when you don't have Claudia or Shiero as she can fill the role of mage quite well.


Aisha's theme

Aisha's theme

Aisha`s theme song.


  • Unlike other protagonists, Aisha's storyline is fairly flexible. When asked by Neidhart, she may choose whether or not she wishes to see Crystal City. Also, her involvement in the "Wuhan's Secret" quest is optional as well.
  • Her storyline is the same in other scenarios; this is mostly noticable when meeting Avi while Aisha's in the team and during the "Missing Taralians" quest.
  • Aisha is often referred to as a tomboy in the BradyGame Strategy Guide and in the game itself. Most players disagree on this however, since her clothing and attitude are quite feminine.
  • Aisha is one of the only two main characters that start off their story with a mount, the other being Barbara. However, it is possible to use Aisha's mount without her being your main character or in your party. Just simply arrive in the Taralian camp before ER6 and you will be able to take it.
  • Aisha was featured in the A-Lim mobile game Brave Frontier as part of a crossover promotion. Her appearance is based on her original design.