Adel Bellius (アデル) is the main character of Imperial SaGa.

He is the emperor of Altamenos, and he is also a demigod. 

After monsters have flooded the world, Adel, alongside other SaGa characters, fights monsters until he is sent to the Netherworld by Death. A quest to bring Adel back follows.  

After the player clears five quests in the third reign, Adel is questioned by Elore and asked to choose either the Holy, Dark or Egg route. This determines the Last Emperor/Empress. 

After the final battle against Vadagara/Nemea/The Egg, Adel returns to Altamenos and the whereabouts of the Last Emperor/Empress become unknown. 

In battle, Adel, even without grinding, is slightly overpowered, with around 30 in Attack, Defense and Agility. However, he is playable in only one reign. He is a Level 5 character (Emperor). 



Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 3 Star Sprite


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 4 Star Sprite

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