Abandoned Castle is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Zomar.


It is said the abandoned castle is full of treasure but no-one ever seems to return for there. Dispell the castle's curse and return with the treasure.

The Abandoned Castle is a large quest with a short turn limit, so if you wish to explore and gather treasure you will need to do so in a separate attempt of the quest.

When the doors slam, locking you in head north until you hear a voice calling. Enter the marked room and read the diary for hints on how to escape the castle, then use the stairs to proceed underground. Enter the southeast room to find a skeleton with some Obsidian boots. Examine the skeleton to find the Knight's Room Key. (If you examine the skeleton again he will attack you). Continue along the underground and return upstairs use the west stairs.

Unlock the door using the key and step out into the corridor. Head north to find the voice again, leading you into another new room. The voice flees knocking loose a recipe which you need to examine. Step back into the corridor and head north up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Head east to find a Demon statue and examine it. If you read the recipe you will be offered another option. Choose to select the number 2. Head west to find a Dragon statue and examine it. Choose the number 4. Return to the Demon and choose number 7, then return to the Dragon and input number 5 to unlock two doors.

Go up one of the stairs by the statues to the 3rd floor. Head south and examine the Queen's painting to find an inscription to help you solve the castle's puzzles.

Optional: Unlock the door (using the Locksmith skill) and examine the Old Book to fight a group of Demons

Head north to find a ghost sitting in a throne. As you approach the throne disappears. Pick up the King's painting and head east to find one of a Jack. Both pictures also have inscriptions on the back to help you solve the castle's puzzle. When placed in the frame by the throne each painting will move the throne to a specific floor of the castle:

  • Jack - "It takes you to land" (1st floor)
  • Queen - "it takes you between sky and land" (2nd floor)
  • King - "It can take you closest to the sky" (3rd floor)

Insert the Queen's picture and ride the throne downwards. Head north to pick up the Joker's painting (which will take you underground) and replace it with the King's painting to keep the doors unlocked. Head back up to the 3rd floor and replace the Queen's picture with that of the Joker.

  • Joker - "The one that lurks underground" (Underground)

Ride the throne underground. Circle around to the middle of the catacombs to find a mysterious grave and another clue to the castle's curse. (Warning! - If you go south here through the one-way door you will end up in the underground section where you found the Knight's Room Key on the skeleton and will need to backtrack all the way to the 3rd floor to continue). Head east when ready to reach a ritual site. An elderly man unleashes a Wyvern upon you. Defeat the dragon (Water Arts work well) to complete this complicated quest.

Number of turns: 150


The Abandoned Castle is a complicated 4 storey map with lots of locked doors and passageways that can only be opened through the quest itself. There are multiple staircases up and down on each floor, as well as the hidden elevator, which requires the use of the paintings found on the 3rd floor. There are a few treasure chests on the 1st floor walkways, along with a locked door underground and one on the 3rd floor (both require the Locksmith skill). The entire castle requires the Architect skill to explore and has no envrionmental obstacles beyond the hidden passages and one-way doors of the quest.


  • Beasts
  • Demons
  • Birds
  • Undead
  • Wildlings
  • Insects
  • Vegeplasts
  • Demons (optional boss)
  • Dragon (boss)

Notable Items

  • Obsidian Boots - Located in the southeast corner of the underground chambers.
  • Magic Tablet - Inside the "Do Not Open" chest on the 1st floor. Use the Jack's painting in the throne and fight the Treasure Slime in the chest.


  • The Abandoned Castle is the location for one of Ventus' first main quests.
  • The Obsidian Boots are an easy source of material for Armic's main quest.

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