The Last Megalith (1306) is the # 26th, and final, scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"At long last, the battle reaches it's climax."


Preceeded: Into the Northern Continent

Unlocks: N/A


You will find yourself inside the Last Megalith, which is a series of small, maze-like rooms. You will need to reach the center of the Megalith where the Egg will be waiting. The paths are wide enough to bypass most of the generic enemies, however many of them have high skill ratings, making them good for learning the strongest Arts in the game prior to the final fight.

From the start, follow the path, then take the first left. Here you will face the Water Lord in a party battle. Use your best Arts to kill it quickly and try not to lose too much LP. After defeating the Water Lord, continue on and you will pass by 4 other Anima Lord (the Edelritters); Beast, Tone, Stone & Tree. You will be given the option to fight them, or pass them by.

These are optional battles, and you can only choose to defeat upto 2 of them (picking Stone & Tree makes the final battle the easiest). If you choose to fight, your reserve character(s) will face them in a Duel. Most have over 20,000 HP so will be tough opponents. Make sure your reserve characters have good equipment and Arts to imrpove your chances of winning.

Alternatively, if you stay alive for 15 turns you will automatically win the fight whether you have injured the Edelritter Lord or not. Simply cast protective spells (Guard Beast, Stone Armor, Regenerate, Reviva) and then choose "Defend" four times as your battle commands, healing when neceassry.

After passing by the 4 optional Lords you will come to the final one; a party battle against Sargon, the Flame Lord. With 41,100 HP the fight will take a while but as long you keep healed it shouldn't be too hard to overcome. Once the Flame Lord is defeated there is nothing standing between you and the final battle.

Before you step on the circular platform make sure to heal up, using any Ark Stones, Life Seeds, Soul Crystals or Anima Crystals you have left and save the game; there is no going back now!

Step on the platform to engage The Egg. The Egg has 3 normal forms, upto 6 Anima forms and a final form. Each form has varying amounts of HP and attacks, and will change every 5 rounds. If you reduce a form's HP to 0 it will be considered defeated and will not appear again; otherwise it will recover 16% HP and 4% LP, WP & SP everytime it morphs. Some forms can inflict status ailments (the Anima Lord forms, hence why you should have killed the Stone and Tree Lords in Duel battles), and all forms can inflict LP damage with 100% accuracy.

Once you defeat all the normal and Anima Lord forms the Egg will morph into it's final form. An LP break is less likely here, but the Egg now uses a percentage-damage attack which you will need your LP to heal as Life Water/Regenerate cannot heal sufficiently. After you defeat the Egg's final form (30,000+ HP) the battle will be over.

The party leaves the Megalith and reflects on recent events, bringning to an end Wil's portion of the game...
Ginny Co

Ginny's Companions


Notable Items

  • Deep Blue - Water Quell, Water-resistant, Water (2 SP), Water Lord prize
  • Nova Heart - Flame Quell, Perfect Heat defence, Null Stun, Flame (2 SP), Flame Lord prize
  • Harmonium - Tone Quell, Tone-resistant, Tone (2 SP), Tone Lord prize
  • Last Leaf - Tree Quell, Null Poison & Deathblow, Tree (2 SP), Tree Lord prize
  • Tao Motif - Beast Quell, Null psychic damage, Beast (1 SP), Beast Lord prize
  • Eternal Rock - Stone Quell, Null Sleep & Petrify, Stone (2 SP), Stone Lord prize

Notable Enemies

  • The Egg - 11,651 - 29,192 HP, 100 LP, "Star Quake" has 100% LP break, 6-10 different forms
  • Water Lord - 36,462 HP, 80 LP, Uses "Meditation" in the 6th round, drops Deep Blue
  • Fire Lord - 41,111 HP, 80 LP, Uses "Meditation" in the 6th round, drops Nova Heart
  • Tone Lord - 20,000 HP, 80 LP, "Earth Beat" can be cancelled by Titus Greaves, drops Harmonium
  • Tree Lord - 25,000 HP, 80 LP, Weakness to Heat, drops Last Leaf
  • Beast Lord - 20,000 HP, 80 LP, "Rapid Hit" has 100% LP break, Uses "Poison", drops Tao Motif
  • Stone Lord - 30,000 HP, 80 LP, Uses Petrify attacks, drops Eternal Rock


  • You CANNOT leave the Last Megalith, so whatever items you need to must have before you start the scenario
  • Defeating an Edelritter Lord will remove that form from the final battle.
  • To make the final Egg fight easier, defeat the Water Lord & Fire Lord in party battles, as well as the Tree Lord and Stone Lord in Duel battles. This will eliminate both tough Edelritter forms and the Egg's worst attacks.
  • You do not need to defeat the Duel battle Lords in combat by killing them. If you manage to survive for 15 rounds you will automatically win. Beef up your defence and keep healing and an easy victory is yours.
  • For more details on the various forms, please refer to "The Egg" page.

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