To Gustave's Stronghold (1305) is the # 23rd scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Ginny's party enters Hahn Nova, the stronghold of the man who calls himself Gustave"


Preceeded: Pursuing the Egg

Unlocks: Battle of South Moundtop* **

(* If completed Wil scenarios: "Showdown! Alexei (1239)", "Wil vs. Egg (1257)", "Deadly Battle with the Egg (1291)"

** If completed at least 18 of Gustave's scenarios and all other Wil scenarios than those listed above)


When you arrive in Hahn Nova you can pick which district to visit (as dictated by the events in Gustave's scenario "Construction of Hahn Nova (1249)") to do some shopping and equipment upgrading (depending on the districts/shops available). Once you have explored the city as much as you like head to the Commons, where Wil instantly recognises the presence of the Egg with Fake Gustave. As there are too many guards to confront Fake Gustave you must make a quick escape.

Explore the caves in the northwest of the field to find scores of treasure, however, upon leaving the cave some of the guards have caught up to you and will foce you into battle.

Continue heading south, away from the city, until you are safely out of reach of Fake Gustave's forces.

Optional: For an extra challenge, and special Quell sword, Beowulf, examine the glowing tree along the way. You will be attacked by a Deity and 3 Crimes. Defeat them to claim the sword, but you are then attacked by Sargon, the Fire Lord, who can be a challenging opponent due to his high HP.

Additionally, examine the well to fight a Dynasty Hopper (King of the Frogs) for the chance to win the Golden Axe, the only infinite durability Axe in the game.


Notable Items

  • Beowulf - Beast Quell, 38 ATK, Increase Cut, Hit & Missile defence, Lower status ailment defence, Beast (1 SP)
  • Golden Axe - Steel, 20 ATK, Only infinite durability Axe, No negative SP modification despite being Steel
  • Uroborus - Water Tool, 55 ATK, Water (2 SP)
  • Snake Staff - Beast Tool, 13 ATK, Beast (1 SP)
  • Wild Rose - Tree Tool, 34 ATK, Wood Arrow (2 SP)
  • Hydra Suit - 24 DEF, Increase Heat & Status ailment defence, Null poison (Full-Body Armour)
  • Heavy Armour - 37 DEF, Steel, Highest DEF rated armour
  • 8000 Crowns

Notable Enemies

  • Fire Lord - 24,550 HP, 80 LP, Uses "Meditation" in the 6th round, chance to drop Uroborus
  • Garm x3 - 2375 HP, 4 LP, Immune to Fire, chance to drop Fire-Beast Skin
  • Hopper Dynasty - 14,411 HP, 4 LP, Reduce Hit damage, King of Frogs chance to drop Golden Axe
  • Diety - 4720 HP, 2 LP, Weakness to Heat (guards the Beowulf)
  • Crime x3 - 819 HP, 4 LP, Weakness to Heat


  • The districts of Hahn Nova are dictated by the choices made during Gustave's scenario "Construction of Hahn Nova (1249)"
  • Examine the glowing tree to be attacked by a Diety and 3 Crimes. Defeating them gives you the Beowulf sword, but you must then fight Sargon, the Fire Lord afterwards, which can be a tough battle.
  • Examine the well to fight the Hopper Dynasty, King of the Frogs. Defeating it has the chance to drop the Golden Axe, the only infinite durability Axe.

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