Insect Megalith (1305) is the # 21st scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"In the interior of the Northen Continent, there lies a Megalith which no explorer has seen..."


Preceeded: Ginny's Adventure, Peace Conference (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Pursuing the Egg, Battle of Hahn Nova (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Leave North Gate and head to Settlement, in search of the mysterious Megalith said to be close by. Speak to the residents of North Gate (especially the girl near the barrels) before heading left into the ruins.

Like during "Deadly Battle with the Egg (1291)", descend the large root/vine and keep heading deeper into the Megalith. If you are now up to the challenge, you can face the Big Horn enemy and attempt to claim the Silver Gloves. As you reach the valley floor examine the single treasure bag in the top right area to discover Rich's bag. Ginny recognises it as her father's posessions and everyone splits up to look for clues. Climb the tower to the left of where you found the bag and wait for the party to regroup and battle some enemies.

Leave the Megalith and talk to the girl by the barrels again in Settlement. Return to North Gate and leave Ginny to grieve for her father...


Notable Items

  • Eternity Staff -  ??? Quell, 30 ATK, Megabolt (12 SP)
  • Stardust Robe - 18 DEF, Increase Heat, Cold, Light & Electric defence, Null Sleep & Stun
  • Amber Ring - Beast Tool, Beast (1 SP)
  • Silver Gloves - Steel, 9 DEF, Tone-resistant

Notable Enemies

  • Big Horn - 3876 HP, 4 LP, Reduce electric damage, King of the Insects (guards the Silver Gloves)


  • The items will only be available if you did not collect them during "Deadly Battle with the Egg". If you did, then the Insect Megalith has no items on offer.

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