Ginny's Adventure (1305) is the # 20th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"After arriving as a stowaway..."


Preceeded: Ginny's Departure, Edelritter (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Insect Megalith, Peace Conference (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


In North Gate you finally become acquainted with your rescuers. Primiera the red-haired girl and Roberto the mysterious gentleman. You also meet Roberto's friend Gustaf at the Inn. Explore the town and prepare before heading off to the Giant Worm Hole.

Follow the path to see a large root blocking the path with some ants scattered around it. Head south and fight the ant enemies. Everytime you defeat one it will retreat to the giant root and start eating it. After you have sent 5 ants, the root will have been chewed through, allowing you access to the proper portion of the dungeon. (Defeating any of the plant enemies will reduce the ant number by 1, therefore do not kill any until the root is destroyed)

Explore the cavern collecting all the items you find, especially the useful Blood Star Quell. In one room you will see various roots and vines hanging from the roof. Examine them to give them a pull, often dropping items to be collected. Be careful, however, as some will drop enemies on you, like the Volcanoid, not seen since "Beyond Grand Valley", and nearly twice as powerful this time around.

To the south of this room is a small chamber with a few Slimes in. This room is unique in that the Slimes will split and duplicate, filling the room after a short while. If you defeat one, another will simply duplicate to replace the dead Slime. By fighting the Slimes with weak attacks that do not consume more WP/SP than the character's WP/SP regeneration, you can increase everyone's HP, WP, SP & Skill levels... crucial for the upcoming final battle.

Once you have cleared the Giant Worm Hole of all the treasure you can simply return to the entrance to finish the scenario and Ginny's first successful quest as a would-be Digger.


Notable Items

  • Blood Star - Water & Tone Quell, Increase Heat defence, Null poison, Sonic Poison (5 SP)
  • Obsidian Axe - Stone Tool, 31 ATK, Stone Axe (2 SP)
  • Sea-Beast Horn - Beast Tool, 22 ATK, Beast (1 SP)
  • Silver Chain - 25 DEF, Steel, Tone Resistant
  • Canary Heart - Tone Tool, Tone Resistant, Tone (2 SP)
  • 5000 Crowns

Notable Enemies

  • Ant Commander - 5675 HP, 1 LP, High Skill level means it is great for learning Arts and gaining levels
  • Volcanoid - 13409 HP, 79 LP, Immune to Water, Reduce Heat & Cold damage, Chance to drop Lava Shield
  • Slime - 283-10869 HP, 40-100 LP, Reduce Hit damage


  • You can complete the scenario by simply leaving the Giant Worm Hole as soon as you enter, though this will result in you missing out on some good items and training chances.
  • The Ant Commander enemies are good to Duel against, to both boost character skills and try to learn the ellusive "Soul Hymn" Spell with Gustaf.
  • A tougher version of the Volcanoid (boss from "Beyond Grand Valley") can be fought by pulling on all the hanging roots in Ant Cavern.
  • It is possible to 'power level' in the Slime room. Attack the Slimes with weak Arts/Spells equal to, or lower than, the character's regeneration as to not waste your WP & SP. As the Slimes will duplicate indefinitely you will have a constant source of battles, with little risk of dying. Setting up a rapid-fire controller will speed the process up, continually executing the same Arts over and over, thus increasing the character's HP, WP and SP in preparation for the final battle. Equiping Quells will also remove the trouble of having to replace/repair broken weapons.

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