Battle of South Moundtop (1305) is a duel scenario on both sides of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

It is Gustave's # 28th and final scenario, playing out as a Field Battle (RTS style combat). It is Wil's # 24th scenario, which plays out as a cinematic progression of events as the party watched the battle from a hilltop.

Gustave Scenario

"The armies of Fake Gustave and Count David of Jade clash".

After defeating Count Charles of Jade, Fake Gustave has no problem rallying additional troops. One by one, units from the neighbouring regions join his army. The regional Lords opposing Gustave, who have signed a provisional peace treaty, gather an allied army under the command of David, the new Count of Jade. This army marches towards Hahn Nova, approaching from the north, south and west. Gustave confronts the primary force coming from the west while sending the troops leds by Bolse to intercept the weaker army coming from the north.
However, upon routing the northern units, Bolse gives pursuit despite Gustave's explicit orders not to. This delay's Bolse's return to Hahn Nova and prevents the armies combining to annihilate David's southern forces. Gustave has no choice but to oppose the invading army with what troops he has... Thus begins the Battle of South Moundtop in the early summer of 1305.

This extremely difficult conflict plays out as a strategic battlefield scenario.

The Battle

  • Defeat Conditions: Enemy penetrates your base (pink square), or, King David is defeated
  • Troops: King David unit, Infantry unit x5, Archer unit x2

Gustave's troops are numerous and hard to kill, especially his steel knights. Position your archer units within a space of each infantry to give you a bonus 'arrow volley' at the start of each battle. While not the strongest attack, your units should use the Lawnmower skill (on one enemy), as this is both quick and can stun.

The key is to defeat the outlying units as quickly as possible, then form all your remaining units into a barrier wall, preventing Gustave's troops reaching your headquarters. You are likely to lose each fight against his Steel Knights and be pushed back, but with strategically placed archers, you should be able to hold out for 8 turns.

Wil Knights Scenario

"The armies of Fake Gustave and Count David of Jade clash"

This is a narrative persepctive concerning the battle. From its vantage point high on a rock, your paty watches the battle rage between Fake Gustave and David. David's army seems to yield and has no chance of gaining reinforcements before the next day. Seeing this Gustaf decides to come to David's aid. Upon his return many hours later, Gustaf reports that he has not seen the imposter's corpse on the battlefield. The fake Gustave, his Edelritters and, of coure, the Egg have vanished. Once again it seems to be up to Tycoon Wil to hunt for the Egg and save the world from evil.

  • This scenario plays out as a cinematic progression of event, with no input from the player.

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