Battle of Hahn Nova (1305) is the # 27th scenario of Gustave XIII's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Charles plans to take over Hahn Nova under the auspices of subduing Gustave"


Preceeded: Peace Conference, Insect Megalith (Wil)*

Unlocks: Battle of South Moundtop**, Pursuing the Egg (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map

** If both "Peace Conference (1305)" & "Battle of Hahn Nova (1305)" have been completed. Or, at least 18 Gustave scenario's and "Anima Faith Fiasco (1256)" (Wil) have been completed)


In Hahn Nova, Fake Gustave is preparing to repel the onslaught of enemy troops, led by Charles, the Count of Jade. If he fails to defeat Charles, Fake Gustave will have all but forfeited his chance to become ruler. News of your victory will surely confuse the participants in the negotiations at Gruegel, and shed new light on things.

The Battle

This should be a simple battle as you have far superior units in the form of both your Steel units and Sargon's troops. Begin by positioning your troops so they cannot be attacked, but will lure the outlying enemies away from Charles on the bridge.

With a clear path to the Count of Jade, send in your Steel, Fake Gustave or Sargon unit(s) to annihilate Charles and end the battle for control of Hahn Nova.


  • This is the first Field Battle scenario, whereby you control groups of unit in RTS style combat.
  • If Sargon was previously equipped with an area Spell such as Firestorm, then he will be able to cast it in battle, which results in an easy instant-kill of enemy troops.

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