Edelritter (1301) is the # 25th scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Sargon heads for the quarry to exterminate the monsters that infest the village"


Preceeded: Fake Gustave Arrives, Ginny's Departure (Wil)*

Unlocks: Peace Conference, Ginny's Adventure (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Sargon departs in the company of two inexperienced fighters, Watts and Greta, to avert a monster infestation in the nearby Quarry site.

Head to the upper most bridge and cross it to the west. Keep heading west over the planks of wood. Circle around to the lower path and leave to the east (just below where you entered). Head south to the bottom of the quarry.

Here you will be greeted by Fake Gustave, who will offer to help you by joining the group. After a brief discussion the party declines his offer. Head into the quarry by entering through the nearby cave door. Once inside, navigate over the various netted ledges to the far east of the screen.

You will be in a corridor full of slimes, and must battle your way through to the other side. (Stick to the northern edge to encounter the least number of enemies). Once successfully past the slimes you will find yourself within a strange room filled with constellations and 3 switches in the middle.

You will need to activate the switches to illuminate 5 constellations at once. The left and right switches turn the constellations on and off, whilst the central yellow switch rotates the current constellation combination anti-clockwise. Keep activating the switches until you have lit 5 constellations at the same time (for some general guide-lines please refer to the Constellation solutions under the "Notes" section below).

Exit the constellation room and return to the slime corridor, where you will see a door has opened. A lone Slime is waiting in the center of the room, but before you can do anything Watts and Greta are transformed into Slimes and leave, and Sargon passes out alone. When you regain consciousness, Fake Gustave will be standing over you.

He claims you survived due to your strength and wishes to initiate you as one of his loyal vassals, the Edelritters.


Notable Enemies

  • Griffon - 22,972 HP, 12 LP, A very formidable opponent, Chance to drop Feather Cap
  • Slimes - 283-10,869 HP, 40-100 LP, Immune to Water, Reduce Hit damage


  • Constellation solutions: In order to complete the puzzle input the "Switch Activation Order" code that corresponds to how many constellations are currently lit (e.g. If you have 3 already lit, simply select the Right swtich to complete the puzzle).
No. of Lit Constellations Lit Constellation Positions Switch Activation Order
None -- R, M, M, R, L
1 Lower middle R, M, R
2 Upper right & Lower right L
2 Lower left & Lower right R, M, M, R
3 Upper left, Lower middle & lower right R
4 All except upper left R, M, L
  • Watts & Greta only appear in this one scenario. It is unclear where they are from, or why they were chosen to go with Sargon to the Quarry Site.
  • The Slime corridor can be glimpsed during the scenario "Showdown! Alexei (1239)" (Wil), but if you attempt to enter you will be turned around with Wil stating that you shouldn't go down there.
  • Beware of the swooping bird enemies outside. If you should collide with one you will be forced to fight a Griffon, which is an incredibly strong enemie you are not likely to defeat.

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