Deadly Battle with the Egg (1291) is the # 18th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Rich and the Egg, the final battle."


Preceeded: Misty's Plot

Unlocks: Ginny's Departure, Fake Gustave Arrives (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Back in North Gate, visit the Inn to recieve a message from the Innkeeper from Misty, claiming she is waiting for you at the Settlement. In the Settlement, speak to the lady near the barrels to recieve another message. Once you are prepared head left into the Insect Megalith ruins.

This place is massive and filled with monsters. However, most of the paths are wide enough for you to skirt around the monsters without fighting them, thus saving your energies for facing Misty.

Climb down the root and keep heading down.

Optional: Head left to see a chest guarded by a monster. The chest contains Silver Gloves, but the monster is the Big Horn, the toughest Insect in the game. You will have very little chance of defeating it, but if you feel like a challenge you can always give it a go. Just be sure to save beforehand!

You can pick up a Stardust Robe in the middle-left path. Go down the right, climbing down the large root/vine to the floor. Avoid the monsters while heading to the top right corner (picking up the Eternity Staff along the way). Climb up to confront Misty, who instantly throws some Land Krakens at you (which should be easy).You get the choice to fight Misty, or not harm her. Choose to fight, as the other option just results in her throwing more monsters at you until you attack her.

As you move in to attack, Misty surrenders the Egg to you, saying that she ha stolen your Anima before fleeing, leaving you alone to consider her words. While the truth begins to dawn on you there is only one way out...

Diana, far away, gives birth to a healthy little girl, Virginia Knights.


Notable Items

  • Eternity Staff -  ??? Quell, 30 ATK, Megabolt (12 SP)
  • Stardust Robe - 18 DEF, Increase Heat, Cold, Light & Electric defence, Null Sleep & Stun
  • Amber Ring - Beast Tool, Beast (1 SP)
  • Silver Gloves - Steel, 9 DEF, Tone-resistant

Notable Enemies

  • Land Kraken (boss) - 1462 HP, 6 LP, Reduce Hit damage
  • Big Horn - 3876 HP, 4 LP, Reduce electric damage, King of the Insects (Do NOT fight it!)


  • This is one of the few solo scenarios whereby you only control one character.
  • This is the final scenario with Rich Knights in.

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