Return of the Egg (1290) is the # 16th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Rich has a child! Meanwhile..."


Preceeded: To Cast a Rainbow, Death of Cantal (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Misty's Plot

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


In North Gate, Diana discloses to Rich that he will soon become a father. Much to her disappoinment Rich barely acknowledges the fact; he is too distracted by the young girl with the Egg's aura that he sensed after the Life Tree Island events.Despite Diana's suspicions about Rich's interest in this girl, he sends her to Wide to stay with his father Tycoon Wil.

Find the girl in the North Gate Inn's guest room and Rich realises how much the Egg has already consumed her. You can do nothing more at the moment so head to the docks to see Diana off...


Notable Items


Notable Enemies



  • This is one of only a few solo scenarios, whereby you only control one person.

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