To Cast a Rainbow (1285) is the #15th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"There is a Water Tower that irrigated the dry lands during the era of the ancient empire"


Preceded: To the Fossil Cave

Unlocks: Return of the Egg


Julia starts out by showing Rich an image of her childhood. The area used to be fertile and well irrigated. Today, the land is dry and barren, but Julia recounts an old song about describing a rainbow in the sky.

Explore Westia to gain some more information before stopping off at the Inn to meet Eleanor and a new companion, Sargon.

Head for the Water Tower and enter the left hand passage. Descend the stairs (pick up the Bone Breastplate on the floor) and head left. Carry on, then head up the stairs to pick up an Ark Stone. Back down the stairs take the right exit and examine the large structure in the middle. Rich discovers that the contraption still works, but is missing a part.

Take the central path down, then head left to find another structure. Examine this one to find the parts you need to repair the other contraption (then go and do so). Once it is fixed you can head right to pick up a Rock Heart, otherwise head out the top left door (under the archway). Examine the broken wall to pick up the Spring Orb Quell as well as a Flame Rod at the bottom of the stairs to the right. Continue following the path until you reach a large, open area with a double-tier contraption. Ignore the top level and head right, picking up a Blue Water from the crumbled stairs. Continue down the stairs then back to the lower level of the double-tier.

Pick up the Crystal Wings just to the left before examining the contraption. Now return to the upper tier and examine the contraption to activate the final part of the tower. Head right, back to the crumbled stairs and examine them to find a way up.

Follow the straight-forward set of paths and ladders up the tower, examining all the generator contraptions along the way. Eventually you will reach the top of the Water Tower. Examine the final contraption and, if you activated all the others, watch as water begins to spurt out onto the barren land, casting a brilliant rainbow across the sky. That should please Julia!


Notable Items

  • Spring Orb - Water Quell, Increase Heat defence, Water-resistant, Water (2 SP)
  • Flame Rod - Flame Tool, 12 ATK, Increase Heat defence, Flame (2 SP)
  • Bone Breastplate - 13 DEF, Lowers Missile defence
  • Gem Band - 8 DEF, Best Hat
  • Crystal Wings - 8 DEF, Tone resistant, Null Cripple
  • Ark Stone - Recovers all party member's HP, SP & WP
  • Blue Water - Water Tool, Increase Heat defence, Water (2 SP)
  • Rock Heart - Stone Tool, Increase Cut, Hit & Missile defence, Stone (2 SP)

Notable Enemies

[Generic Aquatics]


  • It is unclear why Rich desires to help out Julia, as he is already commited to Diana.

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