Life Tree Island (1277) is the # 13th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Rich undertakes a job and heads out to the island"


Preceeded: To the Monster Nest, Hahn Nova in Flames (Gustave)*

Unlocks: To the Fossil Cave, Kelvin's Last Battle (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Rich meets an old friend of his father's in Westia called Narcisse, who asks him to go gather Life Tree Seeds. He asks that you undertake the quest alone and do not tell anyone about it.

When you are prepared (making use of the NPC lady between the Inn and the shop) head to the right of the Inn and speak to the man near the boat to journey to Life Tree Island.

When you arrive, enter the cave (picking up an Ark Stone nearby). Head up and climb the rope onto the wrecked ship before heading left. Continue heading up until the reach a huge tree. Examine the strange pink coloured items at the base of the tree to discover they are the Life Tree Seeds you have come to collect. Pick up as many as possible (upto 5), then head back to the boat to leave the island.

As you reach the wrecked ship again Rich thinks about looking around for useful items, when the ship breaks loose and begins to drift away. You are soon attacked by Mother Grendel in a Duel boss battle.

As long as you select "Defend" as one of your 4 commands the battle shouldn't be a problem (especially if you gave Rich all the best equipment). After Grendel's defeat use the boat to return to Narcisse in Westia. He will give you 400 crowns for each of the Life Tree Seeds in your inventory. (If you equip some you can keep them, as they are an extremely useful restorative item).

When you leave the house you notice a girl carrying a strange Egg-shaped item. In your hometown of Wide you meet up with Rich's father Tycoon Wil. Upon realising that he is prepared to use force to acquire the Egg from it;s owner Rich returns to Westia only to find that the mysterious girl has left.


Notable Items

  • Life Tree Seeds - 1 DEF, 1 DUR, Usage recovers all HP, SP and WP of a character
  • 400 - 2000 Crowns - Reward for giving Narcisse the Life Tree Seeds (varies on number given)
  • Lobster Mail - 26 DEF, Water-resistant, Lowers Electric defence (possible Mother Grendel drop)
  • Ark Stone - 1 DUR, Usage recovers all HP, SP and WP of the entire party
  • Glacier Shield - 24 DEF, Increase Heat defence, Evade Cut, Hit, Missile & Cold
  • Crystal Wings - 8 DEF, Tone-resistant, Null Cripple

Notable Enemies

  • Mother Grendel (boss) - 4524 HP, 60 LP, Immune to Water, chance to drop Lobster Mail


  • It is possible to keep upto 4 of the 5 Life Tree Seeds from the scenario. Just before completing the quest if you equip the seeds as armour/accessories you can keep them. Instead of selling them for 400 crowns each you can use them similar to an Ark Stone to fully restore a character's HP, SP and WP.
  • This is one of the few solo scenarios where you only control 1 character.
  • It is a good idea to utilize the NPC lady between the Inn and Shop in Westia in order to give Rich the best possible equipment.

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