To the Monster Nest (1276) is the # 12th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"The spell caster Eleanor goes to the mine once ravished by monsters".


Preceeded: Into the Forest, Gustave's Successor (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Life Tree Island, Death of Cantal (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Descend the nearby stairs. Keep heading down to pick up a Lake Robe, before heading right into the cave area. Continue through the cave and up the log to a plateau with (upto 5) treasure chests on and a few Gremlins wandering around. (You will be returning here later)

Head right off the plateau and pick up all the items you can see before continuing to the upper right for a single item (Scale Visor). Return and head to the lower right, following the path to enter the Svendorf Mines' hidden entrance. Explore what you can of the mines and you should find a giant crystal surrounded by water in one of the caverns. This is something to report to Eleanor's client, Sir Kelvin the Count of Jade. With nothing else to do here exit the mines and return to the plateau.

As you approach the Gremlins will start circling then merge together to form a Gargoyle. Most of the Gargoyle's attack, while also being powerful, can inflict status ailments and knock-out characters very easily. Make sure at least 2 of the party have "Life Water" and "Recovery Breath" to minimize the impact of it's attacks. The Gargoyle has a lot of HP so try to perform strong Combo Attacks during the first 3 turns. After that (if it's still alive) juggle healing and attacking until the Gargoyle is defeated and the scenario ends.


Notable Items

  • Blackstone Armour - 28 DEF, Lowers Hit defence, Null Petrify (possible Gargoyle drop)
  • Silver Chain - 25 DEF, Steel, Tone-resistant (possible Gargoyle drop)
  • Redstone Armour - 24 DEF, Increase Heat defence, lower Hit defence (possible Gargoyle drop)
  • Ranger Bow - Tree Tool, 11 ATK, Wood Arrow (2 SP)
  • Lake Robe - Water Tool, 16 DEF, 60 DUR, Water (2 SP), Increase Heat defence, Water-resistant
  • Scale Visor - 5 DEF
  • Coral Ring - Water Tool, 4 DEF, 20 DUR, Water (2 SP)

Notable Enemies

  • Gargoyle (boss) - 18,621 HP, 30 LP, Resistant to Cut, Missile & Heat, Attack inflict status ailments
  • Land Kraken - 1462 HP, 6 LP, mutated spider (insect), Resistant to Hit
  • Gremlin - 480 HP, 2 LP, weak Rock enemy, vulnerable to all status ailments


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