Into the Forest (1275) is the # 11th scenario on Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Using an old document, Eleanor heads for an ancient city, deep in the forest"

The magician Eleanor, equipped with an old map, leaves in the company of 3 adventurers in search of a hige tower deep in the forest. One of her companions is Rich Knights, son of the famous Tycoon Wil.


Preceeded: Wil vs. Egg, The Southern Fort (Gustave)*

Unlocks: To the Monster Nest, Hahn Nova in Flames (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


SF2 Map

Into The Forest map

{C}You begin in the forest as Eleanor and look at her map, detailing the surrounding landmarks in relation to the tower at the middle. {C}The forest itself is a confusing place where paths don't always lead to the same place more than once. Backtracking is also likely to result in you being in a completely different location then where you came from. Using the map can help but it isn't 100% accurate, and is a little hard to read to begin with.

As you explore the forest you will encounter a mini-boss, Wood Guard. This battle should be alright if you watch your HP and try to Combo when it uses it's Charge attack (2nd & 6th turns). After defeating the Wood Guard, and exploring some more (try to pick up the Stardust and Ark Stone along the way) you should eventually reach the tower.

(If you are having trouble reaching the tower, see the Notes section below)

Begin to climb the tower, checking outside and all the large roots for treasure (Blast Sword, Wysteria Bow, Anthurium) before you reach the top and get attacked by the Treefolk. Treefolk has a number of powerful attacks, some inflicting status ailments, but it leaves itself vulnerable during the turns it casts "Meditation";

  • 1st: Shout
  • 2nd: Divine Forest
  • 3rd: Bushfire and Needle Shot
  • 4th+: Charm, Gaze, Sleep, Pollen Gas, Call Thunder, Meditation

After defeating Treefolk you notice a strange glow in the distance, which reveals the hidden entrance to the Svendorf Mines.


Notable Items

  • Forest Map - Unique quest item, shows a crudely hand drawn map of the forest
  • Dryad's Grail - Tree Quell, Tree (2 SP), Null psychic damage
  • Anthurium - Flame Quell, Flame (2 SP), Increase Cold defence
  • Stardust - ??? Tool, Megabolt (12 SP), Increase electricity defence
  • Ark Stone - Recovers all party member's HP, SP and WP
  • Blast Sword - Tree Tool, 18 ATK, Wood Sword (2 SP)
  • Wysteria Bow - Tone Tool, 33 ATK, Tone Arrow (2 SP)

Notable Enemies

  • Treefolk (boss) - 12,000 HP, 100 LP, Weakness to Heat, drops Dryad's Grail
  • Wood Guard - 7,676 HP, 8 LP, Uses Charge on 2nd & 6th turns (try to Combo against it)


  • This is the first scenario with Rich Knights as the protagonist, even though the main focus is on Eleanor.
  • Finding the correct route through the forest can be difficult as screens are often used multiple times and it requires a bit of back tracking. For those having trouble:
Start: Go right (not over the water)
Continue right through the tunnel.
Exit SOUTH near the stone tower/pillar.
Head SOUTHEAST (Picking up the Stardust item).
Exit SOUTH near another stone tower/building.
Head NORTH (back the way you came).
Now head EAST, away from the stone tower/building.
Head NORTHWEST (I think it's the same way you came in as well!)
Cross the log-bridge and exit SOUTHWEST (pick up the Ark Stone under the bridge).
You should be standing in a large, circular stone plaza with pillars around the side. This is where you fight the Wood Guard mini-boss (which is essential to progress).
From here head NORTHEAST.
Head WEST, BACK to the stone plaza.
Now head SOUTH.
Exit SOUTH past stone tower/building to reach the entrance to the Forest Tower!

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