Gustave's Successor (1269) is the # 20th scenario of Gustave XIII in SaGa Frontier 2.

"The news of Gustave's death spreads around the world."


Preceeded: The Southern Fort

Unlocks: Hahn Nova in Flames, To the Monster Nest (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Hahn Nova is in turmoil at Gustave's death. Before long the first Lords and their armies arrive in the city. Cantal, Marquis of Otto, is the most notable of those not present. The high-born Lords hotly discuss Cantal's absence, eventually coming to suspect the Marquis of being instrumental in the late King's death.

This message is relayed to Cantal, who stands up to this accusation. The Marquis leaves for Hahn Nova with 5000 men. However, he takes a roundabout woute, hoping to rally more supporters on his way.


  • This scenario plays out as a cinematic progression of event, with no input from the player.

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