The General's Memories (1264) is the # 18th scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"The famous General Nebelstern continues to battle with his illness, unable to overcome it"


Preceeded: Johan the Assassin, Anima Faith Fiasco (Wil)*

Unlocks: The Southern Fort

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Nebelstern feels his life and Anima seeping away. He goes to Gustave on the balcony to bid him farewell. As the two of them indulge in memories, Nebelstern mentions that he too once roamed the world. One of his many travels took him from Gruegel to Vogelang in 1228.

You now control a young Nebelstern in Gruegel. Explore the town and shops if you like then head into the Vogelang Canyon. Make your way north and then to the far west and enter Vogelang. Feel free to explore the small town by the desert, stocking up on items if you like before heading back.

As you return to the exit to Gruegel the General's memory is over and the scenario ends.


Notable Items

  • Cielmerlion - Tree/Stone Quell, Wood Punch (1 SP), Stone Punch (1 SP), Unique item equipped on Cielmer

Notable Enemies

  • Horn Buffalo - 2405 HP, 6 LP, Slightly weak to Petrify and Deathblow, Chance to drop Protector
  • Armor Beetle - 2442 HP, 3 LP, Uses Charge to increase it's strength and Step-In to deal high damage


  • Although technically the first scenario chronologically (set in 1228), it is played retrospectively through the memories of Nebelstern.
  • This is the only scenario where you have access to the unique Cielmerlion accessory. It cannot be un-equipped from Cielmer so make the most of it while you can as he is only playable in this one scenario.

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