Wil vs. Egg (1257) is the # 10th scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Wil hears that a Pirate holds the Egg, and..."

Rumours of pirates being in posession of the Egg lead Tyler and the others to the City of Night, while Wil sneaks aboard a Pirate Ship to track down the Pirate Leader.


Preceeded: Anima Faith Fiasco

Unlocks: Into the Forest

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Conversation in the Westia Inn confirms that Pirates are now in posession of the Egg. You now control Tyler in the City of Night. Climb up the nearby rubble pile onto the rooftops and follow the path to the Street Lamp control room where you find Gustave XIII, who is willing to join your party and vanquish the pirates invading the city.

With Gustave in tow you must defeat ALL the pirates in town before heading for the square (the fireplace by the tree). Here you will encounter the Pirate Captain who will summon his lapdog, a Wyvern.

After defeating the Wyvern you will be switched to Wil Knights, who is on board the pirate's ship. When confronted by a pirate, lie about who you are claiming to be one of them. This will allow you to roam the ship freely. If you mention who you are you will have to fight your way through.

Head down to the ship's hold and kill all the monsters. Examine the bag to realise it was serving as a plug. As you remove it, water gushes into the ship and it begins to sink. Head up to the deck where you encounter the Pirate Leader in posession of the Egg, who challenges you to a duel.

The fight can draw out a long time as the Pirate Leader is able to syphon your HP using the Egg, thus healing himself. Eventually you should be able to vanquish the Pirate, sinking the ship along with the Egg. But how is Wil going to escape certain death in the middle of the ocean?


Notable Items

  • Sea-Beast Horn - Beast Tool, 22 ATK, Beast (1 SP)
  • Feather Cap - 5 DEF, Increase Heat, Cold, Light & Electric defence, Null stun
  • Coral Ring - Water Tool, 4 DEF, Water (2 SP)

Notable Enemies

  • Wyvern (boss) - 13,414 HP, 10 LP, Immune to all status ailments, chance to drop Feather Cap
  • Pirate Egg Holder (boss) - 4179 HP, 12 LP, Can drain your HP using the Egg


  • You can visit the City of Night pub at any time to speak to the landlady. She will offer you some mulled wine which will heal your party.
  • This is the final scenario where Wil Knights acts as the main character. He is not playable again until "Pursuing the Egg" (1305) when he is 85 years old.
  • This is the only cross-over where both main protagonists appear in the same scenario.
  • The City of Night is also used as the location for "Infiltrate! Alexei Gang".

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