Gustave's Reunion (1248) is the # 14th scenario of Gustave XIII in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave returns to Thermes for the first time in 20 years"


Preceeded: Battle of Buckethill

Unlocks: Construction of Hahn Nova*, The Firebrand Tragedy**

(* Available only if "To Gustave's Stronghold (1305)" (Wil) has not been completed

** Available only if "To Gustave's Stronghold (1305)" (Wil) has been completed)


Gustave makes a triumphant entry into Thermes. Coloured flags and cheering crowds line the streets he strides down with his troops, on the way to the palace. After his men have inspected the tax records and gauged the assets of the kingdom, Marie Finney, the Marquise of Otto, asks for an audience. She is not only the wife of Cantal, but also Gustave's sister., and brings word of her husbands submission to the new ruler of Finney. Pleased by this turn of events, Gustave allows Cantal to continue ruling his kingdom, while only one country remains missing; Nohl, which is governed by Gustave's brother Philippe, who suddenly arrives at the palace.

Still harbouring resentment for his brother, Philippe has no offer of peace or submission, instead he intends to do away with his Anima-less brother. Before striking, he senses the presense of Sophie's Anima within Gustave and desists. Sophie's Anima manifests itself before her children and resolves their discourse. Gustave invites Philippe to take over his crown as ruler since he failed the Firebrand Ceremony. He declines, and both siblings leave Gustave's palace behind...


  • This scenario plays out as a cinematic progression of event, with no input from the player.
  • This scenario should not be confused with "Reunion (1236)".

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