Tycoon Wil (1247) is the # 7th scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Weissland, said to be the birthplace of Spell Arts. Wil discovers something incredible here..."

Following Narcisse's advice you arrive in Laubholz on your way to Weissland, the origin of magic.


Preceeded: Beyond Grand Valley, Landing (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Anima Faith Fiasco, Johan the Assassin (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


With the final departure of Narcisse behind you, explore the shops and Inn at Laubholz. Be sure to stop by the Inn and recruit Patrick who is also heading to Weissland. Leave Laubholz to arrive in the snow covered tundra of Weissland.

Explore what you can of the small hamlet; discovering that the people here use Quells instead of fireplaces! Head to the Inn and talk to the young man in green by the top table to discover he is William, Labelle's brother. After a little family squabble the party decide to head south and explore the nearby Megalith, said to be as old as the Quells themselves and possibly holding some significant connection.

Follow the straight forward path through the snow fields until you spot a small tent, belonging to William. When you examine it Patrick will figure out a way to cross the freezing sea and reach the Megalith interior. Fight your way through the frozen Megalith picking up treasure along the way until you come to a strange temple-like section.

Here you will be confronted by a series of warp-pads, which will teleport you to another portion of the temple. You will need to reach the center of the temple in order to advance, but there are still some good items to pick up along the way.

From your starting position: Take the left portal, then the right. Take the bottom-right pad, then the upper-right pad to reach the large symbol on the floor. Step on the symbol but before heading up the stairs enter either of the two pillars infront of you. You will be in the middle of a series of thin platforms with a warp-pad at either end. To reach the treasures follow the sequences below:

Hyper Water (left pillar): Right, right, left, left, middle

Beast Lance (right pillar): Left, left, right, right, middle

Once you have all the treasure you want continue up the stairs to the center of the Megalith and a strange structure. As you near the strange tower the overpowering aura of Anima renders your party unconscious. As you awaken outside the room, you find yourself clutching a Quell, with no idea how it got there. William recklessly charges back to the tower. You quickly follow him, only to find his Anima has been corrupted by the Megalith, changing him into the grotesque Megalith Beast.

You must fight the Megalith Beast and it's 2 side-kicks. Focus solely on the Megalith Beast as it will simply call more side-kicks should you kill them. Unleash your most powerful Arts upon him and when enough HP damage has been done you will get the option to "Escape". You MUST choose this option as victory is impossible.

When you choose to escape you will be in another part of the Megalith, but the Megalith Beast will soon close in and fight you again. Repeat the process of damaging his HP before escaping again. You will now be on the ice-bridge outside the Megalith where the Beast will, once again, catch up to you.

Go all out to damage his HP and choose escape one last time to witness the Megalith Beast break the bridge and sink into the icy waters, allowing you to successfully leave and return to Weissland.


Notable Items

  • Beast Lance - Beast Quell, 36 ATK, Beast (1 SP)
  • Night Medallion - Beast Quell, Regenerate (3 SP), Immune to Sleep
  • Hyper Water - Water Tool, Water (2 SP), Water-resistant, Increase Heat defence

Notable Enemies

  • Megalith Beast (boss) - 30,000 HP, 100 LP, Resistant to Cold. Unbeatable; whittle down it's HP until you can escape
  • Polar Drake - 2200 HP, 10 LP, Resistant to Cold, chance to drop Crystal Wings (boots)


  • By returning during the Weissland side-quest you can re-fight the Megalith Beast, which is a great enemy to strengthen your party against, as well as learn new Arts from.

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