Landing (1247) is the # 12th scenario of Gustave XIII in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave sets foot on the Eastern Continent for the time in 20 years"


Preceeded: Father's Sudden Death, At the Mines (Wil)*

Unlocks: Battle of Buckethill, Tycoon Wil (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


After the death of his father, King Gustave XII, Gustave's half-brother accedes to the throne as Gustave XIV.

Gustave (XIII), bent on conquering the kingdom of Finney, readies his army to challenge this claim to his father's throne, eventually landing on the Eastern Continent.

Sir Kelvin and General Nebelstern are consulted on the beach. Nebelstern suggests sending messengers to each region, spreading news of the rightful heir's return home. What follows is one of Finney's fierces battles, the Battle of Buckethill.


  • This scenario plays out as a cinematic progression of event, with no input from the player.

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