Beyond Grand Valley (1236) is the # 6th scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Wil heads south to Weissland. He approaches the stone bridge of Grand Valley".

Refusing to pay the extreme bridge toll, Wil's party must venture across the treacherous valley floor to reach Laubholz.


Preceeded: At the Mines, Father's Sudden Death (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Tycoon Wil, Battle of Buckethill (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


While at Westia, Narcisse suggests the party goes to Weissland, the origin of Quells and magic. However, he suggest you go without him as he is getting too old for adventures. Explore Westia is you like to gather information on Grand Valley, but no replacement team mate can be found.

You decide to leave for Grand Valley but are aghast to hear the bridge toll is 1,000,000 Crowns. Every other person in the vicinity will confrim the steep price of passage. On one of the observation decks you will find a young girl called Labelle, who is willing to join your party and show you the way across; along the valley floor, riddled with monsters and thick fog.

With your new party member in tow head down the slope near the bridge to reach the Valley floor. Along the way you stumble into Narcisse, who has changed his mind and will accompany you on one final adventure before retirement.

As soon as you hit the valley floor the fog thickens, obscuring the paths as well as monsters and treasures. As you approach them, monsters and possible treasure (skeleton piles) will suddenly appear out of the fog so stay sharp to avoid or intercept them as necessary.

The fog is very confusing and you can find yourself circling the same locations over and over. To successfully escape the fog head in the following directions; Left (cliff-top clearing where you can see the bridge in the background), left, lower-left, continue on down, lower-left, head up, upper-right, continue heading up.

You will eventually come across a strange glow on the ground, which seems to be an item. Begin to pull it out to be attacked by the fearsome Volcanoid.

  • First round: Eruption x3
  • Second round: Volcano Crush
  • Third round: Eruption & High-Rise
  • Fourth round: High-Rise & Bombard (DEFEND on this turn)
  • Seventh+ round: Mega Eruption (if HP lower than 3,000), Eruption or Volcano Crush

You should pound the Volcanoid with all your best Arts to try and damage it as quickly as possible. During the 4th round you should defend/heal as his attacks can devastate the party. If the battle lasts longer than 7 turns you will need to alternate between healing and fighting, as well as trying to use attacks with "Morale Down", "Psyche Down".

After defeating the Volcanoid you will be able to pull the Ice Lance (Water Quell) out of the ground and lessen the fog on the valley floor. Head west to see the fog has thinned enough for you to find your way to the other side of the bridge. Head north to find a few items, as well as an angry toll officer! When you are done, head south from the bridge to Laubholz, but not before a farewell scene with Narcisse.


  • Wil Knights - Default character
  • Cordelia - Recruit in Westia Inn
  • Tyler - Recruit in Westia Inn
  • Labelle - Recruit from one of Grand Valley bridge's observation decks
  • Narcisse - Joins as you enter the Valley Floor

Notable Items

  • Ice Lance - Water Quell, 25 ATK, Water (2 SP), increase Heat defence
  • Stone Shield - 16 DEF, Evade Slash, Hit & Missile attacks
  • Lava Shield - 24 DEF, Evade Cut, Hit, Missile & Heat, increase Cold defence (Volcanoid item drop)

Notable Enemies

  • Volcanoid (boss) - 8800 HP, 79 LP, Immune to Cripple, Petrify, Poison, Deathblow and Water Arts. Resistant to Heat and Cold


  • The Ice Lance is your first decent Quell weapon, but it's effectiveness is short lived as access to a stronger one can be gained in the next scenario, Tycoon Wil.
  • The Volcanoid can appear as a normal enemy in a later scenario, Ginny's Adventure, where it is even stronger (13,409 HP)
  • The other items in Mist Valley include a Coral Ring, Ark Stone, Leather Suit, and Ice Staff.

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