Gustave and the Pirates (1242) is the # 10th scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"There are many legends about the hero Gustave. This is one of them"


Preceeded: Conquest of Wide*, Father's Sudden Death*

Unlocks: Father's Sudden Death

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Sir Mouton demands Gustave abandons his administrative tasks for a while and kicks him out of the palace; instructing the guards to not let him back in until he is feeling better and looking less pale.

Talk to the local townsfolk to learn of a shipwreck nearby and rumours of pirates. Head north-east to the stables and speak with the grey-haired man twice. He mentions something about the Silver Sails Fleet.

Return to town and speak to the man outside the house to learn more. Now enter the Inn (previously blocked), where you will end up ina brawl with 3 sailors, much to their disadvantage. Now return to the stables and the grey-haired man to meet the captain of the Silver Sails Fleet. Although he wants you to join the crew, Gustave declines momentarily.

Return to the guarded house near the Inn and speak to the guard outside. The captain of a foreign merchant ship is inside. He apologises for his men's rude behaviour at the Inn and asks that you retrieve an item from the sunken ship. Apparently, a Quell called Neptune's Crystal Orb has fallen into the hands of the Silver Sails Fleet and he wants it returned to him. Return to the captain by the stables to sign up with the pirates.

Now aboard the ship talk to everybody. Speak with the captain who retires to his cabin. Offer to help move the chests as well as helping the packer in order to gain access to new rooms. Here you will find a compass and the Quell, surrounded by a protective barrier.

Talk to everyone again to learn more information until you hear of a monster attack on deck. Go up and help (grabbing the 1000 Crowns from the front of the ship), then enter the captain's cabin. No matter what you do you cannot reach the Quell, so return up on deck and speak to Bart. Return below decks to find 2 sailors who have helped themselves to the captain's liquor. Once the pair run off you can hear the captain and Bart discussing things in the room nearby.

All of a sudden monsters attack the ship, so hurry back on deck to help out. While everyone is distracted, battle your way through the monsters and head below deck. Make your way to the compass room (direct access it blocked so you need to go through various rooms). Enter the captain's cabin and examine the chart on the wall, paying close attention to the marks on the shipping lanes.

Return to the compass and input the correct navigations from the chart: South 3 days, South-east 2 days, East 1 day, North-east 2 days. Pick up the Quell now that the barrier is deactivated. You realise that both Bart and captain resemble you in many ways and you decide to fight in their honour. Defeat the monsters to finish the scenario and return to Wide.


Notable Items

  • 1000 Crowns

Notable Enemies

  • Slime (various) - 283-10,869 HP, 40-100 LP, Immune to Water, Reduce Hit damage


  • This scenario, like "Reunion (1236)", can easily be missed as it has a specific criteria which must be completed in order to unlock it on the World Map.
  • Navigation chart solution: South 3 days, South-east 2 days, East 1 day, North-east 2 days.

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