Conquest of Wide (1240) is the # 9th scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave frequently visits the Marquis of Wide. What are his true intentions?"


Preceeded: Mother's Sickbed, Infiltrate! Alexei Gang (Wil)*

Unlocks: Father's Sudden Death, Gustave and the Pirates*, At the Mines Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


After many visits over the years, Gustave has insinuated himself into the Marquis of Wide's favour and confidence. Not everybody at court is happy that the Marquis spends so much time with Gustave, yet nobody perceives the former-prince as a serious risk.

Visit Leslie and Flynn upstairs in the Inn (building directly above the well). It becomes obvious that Gustave is planning something and his presence at court is simply to gather information. Explore the town and visit the Item shop if you like, but save your money as you will get a free Steel Amulet in the upcoming dungeon, and everything else is too overpriced. After chatting around the town return to your friends to plan the conspiracy.

Now visit the Marquis in his palace to begin your campaign of slandering Sir Mouton. Later that night you are once again in the palace. Head through the bottom door and continue on into the office-like room. Examine the large painting in the top-left corner to reveal a hidden passage underground.

Proceed through the fairly straight-forward underground passageways, collecting the treasure along the way. To cross the raised bridge you must activate the winch above it. Take the right-hand door and follow the passageway up to the winch.

You can now do one of two things; Simply examine the winch and turn it to the right to lower the bridge and continue. However, turning the winch to the left 3 times (each time you get a message saying it is stuck) will break the bridge making it collapse. You can still cross it, but you can also enter the archway on the right to pick up a Steel Amulet from the chest.

Either way, continue over the bridge and through the door. Once again you have 2 options; you can take the left passageway to finish the scenario or you can examine the door to fight a optional boss to gain 1000 Crowns. Examine the door and beak it open. Continue upstairs, candles lighting by themselves as you go, to reach a chest. Examine the chest to unleash a fearsome spirit, the Wide Ghost.

The Wide Ghost is an upgraded version of the Blue Skeleton, who can hit quite hard. Utilize Arts that do bonus damage to Undead monsters (Cross Slash, Skull Crush and Bone Crush) and keep an eye on your HP and you should be fine. When the Ghost is exorcised, claim the 1000 Crown reward from the chest and return downstairs.

In the jail area, take the left path and follow it a short distance to emerge outside the walls of Wide as the sun begins to rise on a new day, Gustave's plan fully realised.


Notable Items

  • Steel Amulet - 1 DEF, Steel
  • 1000 Crowns - Reward for defeating the Wide Ghost
  • 120 Crowns
  • 80 Crowns

Notable Enemies

  • Wide Ghost (optional boss) - 1932 HP, 1 LP, Undead, Weakness to Heat, Chance to drop Dead Stone


  • Save your money at the shop as there is a free Steel Amulet in the dungeon later on.
  • The Wide Ghost can be a tough opponent, but if you use attacks that specifically damage Undead monsters the battle should be a little bit easier.

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