Showdown! Alexei (1239) is the # 4th scenario of Wil Knights' side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Wil goes after Alexei. They duel at the Quarry"

Despite his warning, Wil decides to follow Alexei Sergein to the Quarry Site in search of answers...


Preceeded: Infiltrate! Alexei Gang,

Unlocks: At the Mines, Father's Sudden Death (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


You will need to traverse the Quarry site and confront Alexei in one of the various mine shafts. The Quarry Site is riddled with bridges and explosives. Examining one of the bridge devices will detonate it, collapsing the bridge, and showering items to more accessible locations.

From the start head to the upper bridge and detonate the charge. Follow the path around, avoiding the flying bird-sprite enemy, to find a Silence Bow. Cross the wooden planks and exit to the east, following the path south to the detonated bridge. You should be able to reach the Pop Shoes perched on the ledge wth some skill.

To reach the Pop Shoes you need to lure the bird-sprite enemy (a Griffon) over to it, so it lunges through the bag, knocking it down. The Griffon will fly around a little, then lunge at you. Get it just above the bag and then hug the cliff. It should dive towards you, knocking the bag off, but not attacking you. Make sure to Quick Save beforehand, just in case, as the Griffon will kill your entire party with 1 attack.

Head west to be perched on a small outcropping with a Rock Axe. Return to the previous screen and head south. If you detonated the bridge you should be able to pick up both a Silver Staff and 500 Crowns at the bottom of the rope ladders. Enter the mine entrance here and climbs the rope ladders to reach a Stone Shield.

Head back outside and climb up the far right rope ladder. Head up to the mine entrance and prepare for your first real Boss fight. Make sure you put Nina in your party and SAVE. When you are ready enter the mine to find Alexei, who commands a pair of Wyverns/Hell Wingers to attack you. You CANNOT win this fight so do not bother wasting your LP, WP, SP or weapon durability. When everyone is downed Aunt Nina will reveal a secret to you...

Alexei now decides to finish the job himself and attacks you along with 2x Knight Servants. Focus on killing the Knight Servants first (Firestorm spell, or the Spear Art Wide Swing are both helpful). When the Knight Servants fall it should be a simple case of finishing off Alexei who falls into the deep chasm of the Quarry site.

You return to your Aunt and Uncle's house near Westia to tend to Nina's wound, but whatever became of the Egg...?


Notable Items

  • Silence Bow - Tone Tool, 19 ATK, Tone Arrow (2 SP)
  • Pop Shoes - Unique footwear, 8 DEF, Press (4 WP)
  • Rock Axe - Stone Tool, 15 ATK, Stone Axe (2 SP)
  • Stone Shield - 16 DEF, Evade Slash, Hit and Missile attacks
  • Silver Staff - Tone Tool, 23 ATK, Tone (2 SP), increase defence against Electricity
  • 500 Crowns

Notable Enemies

  • Wyvern/Hell Winger (boss) - Infinite HP, impossible to kill without Nina
  • Alexei (boss) - 3468 HP, make sure to kill the 2x Knight Servants before focusing on Alexei
  • 2x Knight Servant (boss) - 986 HP, defeat these before taking on Alexei
  • Griffon - 22,972 HP, An almost impossible enemy to defeat unless you have trained up your party extensively (somehow), chance to drop a Feather Cap


  • This is the only scenario with an unbeatable boss fight against the Wyvern/Hell Wingers.
  • If you do not have Nina in your active party during the Wyvern fight you will receive a game over when everyone is downed, rather than the scene that advances the story.

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