Mother's Sickbed (1239) is the # 8th scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave at the age of 19. His mother, Sophie, is on her deathbed"


Preceeded: Gustave 15 Years Old, Reunion*, Desert Megalith (Wil)*

Unlocks: Conquest of Wide, Infiltrate! Alexei Gang (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Leslie is looking after Sophie, who is terminally ill. Sir Kelvin joins her as she is in her last throes of life and then sets out immediately to find Gustave. Flynn tells Kelvin that Gustave has gone to the nearby caves.

Now playing as Gustave, head north a few screens to the large mushroom, where you will meet up Kelvin who will inform you of Sophie's weakening condition. Gustave is ashamed of the sorrow he has brough his mother and of the banishment she has to endure because of him. He feels responsible for her death in a foreign country and is convinced that he has destroyed his mother's life.

Sir Kelvin offers Gustave some words of encouragement before you rush for the cave's exit. Back at Sophie's bedside, she gives Gustave a final piece of advice before she draws her final breath and her Anima leaves her forever.

Over in Thermes, Sophie's death is noted at the court of King Gustave XII. Prince Philippe is elevated to the rank of Marquis of Nohl; however, he broods over Gustave's wrongdoing. He seeks revenge for what Gustave has done to his mother...



  • This scenario plays out as a mostly cinematic progression of event, with little direct input from the player.

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