Infilrate! Alexei Gang (1238) is the # 3rd scenario of Wil Knights side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Wil attempts to gain access to Alexei Sergein, however..."

Intent on finding out the answers to the mystery surrounding his father's death and the Egg, Wil Knights wishes to confront Alexei Sergein in the 'City of Night'.


Preceeded: Desert Megalith, Mother's Sickbed (Gustave)*

Unlocks: Showdown! Alexei, Conquest of Wide (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


You will start out in the Thermes Inn as Wil. Aunt Nina will suggest that someone else should go in your place as Alexei will recognise you. Speak to one of your three party members in the bar to allocate them to go to the City in your place (see the Notes section below). Shop around Thermes before heading to the Inn at Westia. Talk to the men around the table to learn of Alexei's whereabouts.

The scene will switch to the City of Night and your alternate character (whoever you chose). After some discussion with Alexei you are told to seek an Old man named 'Kisk' who has the Quell.

Before going anywhere, head left, up the pile of rubble and follow the raised path to a small building at the end. Inside you will find 3 statues with lights on. Examine them until the lights turn red (the middle statue is broken). This deactivates the city ligths and allows you to find treasure on the ground. Once this is done return back to where you started.

From here head right and up the ladder. If you examine the small flicher near the railings you will find a Sacred Spear. Talk to people around the streets (some are actually monsters, like the person next to you!) to gather information, leading you to the local Inn. Head northwest from here and take the right hand alley to find another small twinkle (Fire Charm accessory). Continue northwest and through the partially collapsed building on the left to reach the Inn.

Talk to the landlord to get directions to Kisk's house. However, his directions are from the perspective of the landlord, who is facing south. Head back to the first screen where you found the Sacred Spear. Examine the northwest door to learn of Kisk's fate. Take the northeast exit into the square and relay this information to Alexei. Alexei only wants the Quell so sends you back to investigate some more.

Head north from the square and follow the short path into a house. Talk to the old lady here and introduce yourself as a friend of Kisk's. She will tell you about a young boy called Kyle who has recently turned into a ruffian since Kisk's death. Check upstairs near the staircase to find another twinkle and a Rock Axe. Leave the house and return to the square to relay this new piece of information to Alexei, who quickly sends you back to find the boy and the Quell.

Go back to the room with the 3 lights and turn them all back to green so that the city's lights are back on. Return to the front of the Inn to find someone partially hidden in one of the alleyways, who reveals Kyle's love for hiding in monster ridden areas. Return to the square and head east to reach a tall tower, overlooking a small body of water. Enter the tower and attempt to use the ladder inside, only to be told by the girl inside that it's too big for an adult, which is why Kyle loves using it to hide from people. Step back outside the tower to find a white dog, beckoning you. Unfortunately you cannot reach the dog from here, so head all the way back to the Inn and out the back door. On the floor out here is a Blue Water accessory. Pick it up before following the path southeast, down some stairs and to the water level side of the tower. Here the dog points you in the direction of a small niché in the wall. Enter the niché and choose to jump down into the sewer system.

Once entering, take the first path due north to find Kyle (being careful of the Slimes that drop from the ceiling), before exiting to the southwest. Alexei Sergein shows up to snatch the Quell from you and offers you a warning to stop following him...


(Note: You can only send/control one character during this scenario. Due to certain "conditions", it's best to choose Tyler or Narcisse)

Notable Items

  • Sacred Spear
  • Rock Axe
  • Blue Water
  • Fire Charm
  • Cat's Eye - if you trade in 3 Types of Ore, Blue - Red - Green Ore, or 1 Mushroom Tear

Notable Enemies

  • Ruffian - Disguised as townspeople
  • Slime - Sewer only
  • Dino Leech - Sewer only


  • If you choose Cordelia to go to the City of Night in Wil's place she will die during the scenario.
  • If you have done any of Wil's scenarios after this one, before attempting this one, it will be impossible to recruit Cordelia. She informs you in the Inn that she is ill and does not want to go. This is obviously to keep with the continuity of the game and her later role in the game.
  • You will return to the City of Night during the adventure Wil vs. Egg.
  • If you have the Mushroom Tear from Gustave 15 Years Old  scenario you can trade it here for a Cat's Eye.

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