Wil's Departure (1235) is the # 1st scenario of Wil Knights side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"William Knights, 15 years old, goes forth on his first journey as a digger"


Preceeded: None

Unlocks: Desert Megalith, Gustave 15 Years Old (Gustave)*, Reunion (Gustave)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


Search the ruins around Westia for a Quell and become a famous digger.

Explore the small settlement of Westia if you choose. There is an item shop in the top left corner which sells some basic accessories (though you may not want to waste your crowns on them), as well as a unique NPC inbetween the shop and the inn (to the right). If you talk to her she will give you access to the equipment of any other character you have played as before this scenario. For example; if you completed all of Gustave's side of the story you can remove equipment from anyone you played as.

When you are done, enter the inn (top right building) to meet Narcisse (in blue) and Cordelia (red). Talking with them will give you some information on the local sites and Quells, as well as letting them both join your party and unlock the Ruins of Hahn.

Leave Westia to arrive at the Ruins of Hahn. Head left at the crossroad and follow the path to a small building you can enter. As soon as you enter you will be greeted by another character, Tyler, who is happy to join your party. You can go back outside and explore the upper levels for a few pieces of treasure (Flame Rod, Bone Breastplate, Steel Amulet, Silver Staff) but when you are ready head down the stairs here to the underground portion of the Ruins.

Follow the straight forward path (picking up the various pieces of treasure along the way) until you reach another crossroads, surrounded by water and 3 frog-sprite enemies. Heading north is a dead end at the moment (another scenario will explore this section), to the right is a powerful undead monster, the Blue Skeleton, who guards an Amber Maleate (Tree/Beast Quell). It is possible to run around him, but it is difficult so make sure you save/quicksave before entering.

To continue take the southern path past the frogs into the next screen. Get the Rock Axe to the immediate left, then head up the stairs and through the door/south to yet another crossways. Head right into the small room to pick up the main Quell, the Kris Knife (??? Quell sword), guarded by the unique Xenotype enemy only found here. Head left into another small room to find the Pocket Dragon (Stone Quell) and a powerful Land Urchin enemy.

When you have gotten everything you want, ascend the large staircase to exit the ruins. Return to the bar in Westia to complete the scenario.


  • Wil Knights - Main character
  • Cordelia - Recruit from the Inn
  • Narcisse - Recruit from the Inn
  • Tyler - Joins when you descend to the lower section of the Hahn Nova Ruins

Notable Items

  • Kris Knife - ??? Quell sword, Comet Fall Art (8 SP) - Atk 4, WP/SP recover bonus 1, Increase defence to Heat, Cold, Light and electric
  • Pocket Dragon - Stone Quell
  • Amber Maleate - Tree + Beast Quell, Woodstock (5 SP)
  • Bone Breastplate
  • Steel Amulet
  • Flame Rod
  • Silver Staff
  • Bone
  • 1000 Crowns
  • Rock Axe

Notable Enemies

  • Ghoul/Ghoula - 400-480 HP, chance to drop small amounts of crowns and Hat armour, Rubber Sole, and Gem Particles
  • Xenotype - 888 HP, unique enemy only found in the Kris Knife room Drops Wind Shell
  • Blue Skeleton - 796 HP, chance to drop the very useful Dead Stone, but is a very strong opponent
  • Land Urchin - 1158 HP, chance to drop Green Glass, Dew Axe, Ranger bow but is a very strong opponent *WEAK AGAINST DEATHBLOWS*


  • It is possible to train indefinitely at the Hahn Nova Ruins. By not collecting any of the 3 Quell items needed to complete the scenario you can return to Westia at any point to shop and rest in the Inn.
  • The Blue Skeleton located in the Amber Maleate room is a fairly strong monster able to Spark several Arts early on in the game.
  • A tip on picking up items with durability is to quicksave before picking up the item. That way you can load and pick it up again to possibly get one with more durability. A great example in this area is the Silver Staff.
  • Fighting Land Urchin or Blue Skeleton will bring your Skill Arts up really high if you repeatly fight them through [Solo Action] even beyond Skill Level 20 if you aggressively keep fighting and run back to Westia to heal when your low on WP/SP or LP

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