Gustave 15 Years Old (1235) is a scenario on Gustave's side of the story in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Older, Gustave moves to Jade. However, his bad attitude has not changed"


Preceeded: Gustave and the Blacksmith, Wil's Departure (Wil)*

Unlocks: Mother's Sickbed, Reunion*, Desert Megalith (Wil)*

(* If there are less than 3 hitherto completed scenarios on the world map)


The day Kelvin spreads news of bandits hiding out in the nearby cave of Jade, Gustave XIII and Flynn go missing. When a townswoman remembers seeing Gustave set out for the caves, Kelvin immediately gives chase.

Gustave: Enter the caves and fight your first battle. Go to the top left of the cave screen and grab a Light Spear.

Kelvin: You will now be controlling Kelvin. Ignore the first cave and enter the 2nd one to find Gustave in trouble. Flynn has been captured by the bandits and needs rescuing. Kelvin now joins the party with Gustave.

Explore the top cave to collect a Buckler shield, then enter the 3rd cave to get a Hunter Bow (behind a Slime enemy). Follow the cave path right to the right to be in a large chamber with a giant mushroom in the middle. Examining the mushroom will cause Fungman enemies and a Mushroom tear (item) to fall.

Take the exterior path around to the bottom right of the screen to proceed. Follow the linear path through 2 more screens before reaching the bandits.

Gustave XIII engages one of the Bandits in a Duel. After defeating him, Gustave and Kelvin must defeat the Burglar Chief and her minions to rescue Flynn and return to Jade.


Notable Items

  • Light Spear - Flame Tool, 9 ATK, Flame Spear (2 SP)
  • Hunter Bow - Flame Tool, 7 ATK, Flame Arrow (2 SP)
  • Buckler - 8 DEF, Evade sword attacks & Hit
  • Birch Ring - Tree/Water Quell, 4 DEF, Increase Heat defence, Water-resistant, Life Water (5 SP)
  • Mushroom Tear - 2 DEF, can be traded for other items

Notable Enemies

  • Burglar Chief - 600 HP, 16 LP, supports her group with "Chief's Temper", attacks her right-hand side opponent
  • Burglar - 320 HP, 18 LP, Reduce Electric damage, Will flee as soon as Burglar Chief is defeated
  • Fungman - 99 HP, 1 LP, Reduce Cold damage. chance to drop Mushroom tear


  • This is the first real scenario where you get to play as Gustave.

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