Gustave and the Blacksmith (1233) is the # 5th scenario in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave at the age of 13. He learns about the art of smithery, a craft not found in Thermes."


Preceeded: Gustave 12 Years Old

Unlocks: Gustave 15 Years Old


When Gustave turns 13, he and Sophie are assigned a new mansion in Jade but King Sui of Na. Rumour has it that Sophie wanted to avoid losing Gustave as minister to the King, as well as wishing to escape the King's attention for her.

You are free to explore Jade, but there is nothing of interest beside talkings to the locals. Avoid spending your Crowns at the shop and instead head to the bottom right building; the blacksmith.

After a lengthy chat the blacksmith will initiate Gustave as his new apprentice and show him the art of smithing. The work is hard but rewarding; at the age of 15 Gustave forges his first metal sword...


  • This scenario plays out mostly as a cinematic progression of event, with no input from the player. While you can explore the very small village there is nothing to do beside talk to the people in town, and further the scenario.

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