Gustave Exiled (1227) is the # 2nd scenario of Gustave XIII in SaGa Frontier 2.

"Gustave reachs 7 years of age and faces the Firebrand Ceremony. However..."


Preceeded: Gustave Born

Unlocks: Departure from Homeland


The castle is bustling with activity in preparation for the Firebrand Ceremony, and the following celebrations. The Firebrand is a Quell Sword passed on through the generations of the Eugene family. Each member of the Royal Family must touch the Firebrand to prove his/her worth to the sword and the throne.

It is young Gustave's turn to attempt the Firebrand Ceremony; but after some commotion, he fails to ignite the sword. It would appear that Prince Gustave lacks the power of Anima. Mortified, the King disowns his 7 year old son as even a lowly rock contains Anima. Gustave is banished by his father. Queen Sophie, refusing to leave her son alone, accompanies Gustave into exile.

They are forced to leave the royal palace in disgrace, and find shelter in the pauper's district of Thermes.


  • This scenario plays out as a cinematic progression of events, with no input from the player.

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